Becoming a Non Profit

It seems there is not a day that goes by that we are presented with monumental challenges. As time goes by however our faith is strengthened by the miracles and divine interventions we witness. In 2014 we became a 501-c non profit organization. 

Finding Property

3 years into our rescue efforts we were thrilled that we had been selected to do a show called Save our Shelter. 4 months after the show aired, we were given notice to vacate our current property. At that time, we were leasing a property in the Palmdale California area, what seemed terrifying with uncertainty became a blessing in disguise.

Now Serving LA & Kern Counties

Since then, we have relocated to Kern county. We have worked non-stop all this time in order to come full circle with our vision…..and we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Looking to the Future

Our next mission on our journey is our biggest yet. There’s a crisis in the animal welfare system. Despite the many resources available, rescue groups aren’t fully prepared for an influx of animals during a natural disaster. In real life, this means pets are abandoned, left behind, or euthanized, and the people who would have taken them in don’t have the resources to do so. We hope to change that through our Rescue Rich Program. We rescue the rescuers and fight to get better resources for all of us. 

To help with the Rescue Rich Program in addition to all of our other initiatives, please consider donating to our cause. Anything and everything helps. 

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