Education is the key to solving the pet rescue crisis. If more people received education on pet care and ownership, there would be fewer pets that would have to go into a shelter.

At Lost & Found Dogs, our mission is to educate the local community by offering programs and resources to find solutions to keep dogs out of shelters. 

The work does not stop once you’ve adopted the dog. The training and pet care required for a successful pet to owner relationship begins. 

As a pet owner who can no longer care for an animal, you have options. Using the programs and resources below, please consider other options than leaving your pet at a shelter.


Donations are the lifeline of this organization, and ultimately the connection between life and death for the animals in our care. There’s a lot of work required to be a full-time rescuer. We have no funding from government sources and rely completely upon the effort of our donors.

There are several ways to donate: monetarily, donating on amazon, providing supplies, etc. All forms of donations are helpful and appreciated. Click below to keep the life line of rescue going.

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