Our goal is to end pet abandonment and homelessness through community outreach, education, and advocacy. Our belief is that no animal should be left to suffer. We are an all-breed search and rescue organization that fosters adoptions 7 days a week.

“May God Bless the Rescuers” – Jeanette Portocarrero


We believe everyone was placed on this earth with a mission to fulfill; ours is to save animals.

Founded by Jeanette Portocarrero in 2011, Lost & Found Dogs USA Network is the only rescue center in Kern County, California that participates in active search and rescue by obtaining animals in need from the field. By focusing on all aspects of rescue, we go beyond search and rescue by providing community education, intervention for pet welfare, adoptions, rescue training, pet retention, and more.

We live on-site with the dogs we rescue and are committed to the hard work these animals deserve. We are grateful you’ve found us and hope you’ll join us in the movement of changing the face of pet rescue.

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We’re in our 10th year (wow!) and are just beginning to scratch the surface of animal rescue. We’re ready to continue the hard work on behalf of the animals.

With Covid-19 and the California wild fires, the pet abandonment crisis needs our immediate attention. Our goal to change the face of rescue is multifaceted. It requires immediate relief to the animals in need and systemic change.

We’re dedicated to being a champion for the animals.

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Over the last year, our adoption rate increased 700% with none of the animals being returned. Our mission is to find the right dog for the right family and the right family for the dog. We take adoption seriously to ensure there is no repeat homelessness. Our adoption process is thorough and entirely confidential. Placing good dogs in good homes is the end goal, and while not everyone walks away with a dog, our priority is to always help you and the animals.

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Donations are the life line of this organization, and ultimately the connection between life and death for the animals in our care. There’s a lot of work required to be a full-time rescuer. We have no funding from government sources and rely completely upon the effort of our donors.

There are several ways to donate: monetarily, donating on amazon, providing supplies, etc. All forms of donations are helpful and appreciated. Click below to keep the life line of rescue going.

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